Hodl Earth

It's Your World

A blockchain-based game for beginners and experts.

What is HODL Earth?
A blockchain-based game for beginners and experts!

About the Game

Buy, HODL and trade plots of land across virtual Earth. Buy your own home or a famous landmark. Its first-come first-served.

Each plot is unique and is owned by you. It cannot be copied, taken away or destroyed.

Buy Plots and Grow Your Empire

New plots cost about USD 0.10. All transactions include a 10% fee.

Grow your empire automatically with plot emission. The more points you win in the game, the more plots you will receive every day.


Change the colour of your plots. Style your empire in your favourite colour, write messages or create designs for other players to find. 

Competitions and Prizes

Enter competitions and win prizes for winning treasure hunts, creating interesting designs and completing challenges.

Win Badges and Complete Levels

Earn badges as you play HODL Earth, and complete levels as you progress through the game.


HODL Earth is a dapp. Developers can extend the scope of the game, and introduce games built on top of the HODL Earth landscape - literally!




hodl  /hɒd(ə)l/  verb  Originally a typo for 'hold'; now with the accepted backronym of 'hold on for dear life'.

Getting started

Buy HODL Earth plots in a few easy steps.




Get a digital wallet


You need a digital wallet to buy and store cryptocurrency - and to purchase HODL Earth plots.

We suggest the Metamask browser extension for Google Chrome - it is a digital wallet and a DApp browser (which you will need later). Go to Metamask.io and download the extension for Chrome:


Video: How to get a digital wallet with Metamask





Get some ETH


You need ETH to purchase HODL Earth plots.

Coming very soon: we are making it easy to buy ETH in small quantities from us directly (up to $250).

Now: you will need to buy ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase.





Start playing! Buy your HODL Earth plots


Add a decentralised application ("DApp") browser extension such as Metamask to Google Chrome, or download a DApp browser.  Go to hodl.earth/game.

Choose a name for the plots you want to buy - like 'Eiffel Tower'. Choose a colour and select the plots you would like to buy.  You can buy up to 100 plots in one transaction. 

Your shopping basket will confirm how much ETH you need to send. Click checkout when you are ready. Complete your purchase using your DApp browser.


Video: How to buy plots on HODL Earth







You are the proud owner of a digital asset on the Ethereum Blockchain, and have completed your first cryptocurrency transaction!

Your digital wallet will be credited with your plots as soon as the transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Please allow up to 15 minutes in busy times for the transaction to complete.





View plots, earn badges and complete levels, and more!


Your can view all plots on the map at hodl.earth/game. Earn badges and complete levels as you play HODL Earth. Players unlock badges for others to find.

Join in our competitions and look out for tasks to earn prizes and rewards.

The more points you win in the game, the more plots you will receive automatically from the HODL Earth emission programme - growing you empire naturally. 

Why HODL Earth?

HODL Earth™ aims to increase the adoption of blockchain technology. In the first few minutes of the playing the game, you will create a digital wallet and complete a blockchain transaction using cryptocurrency.



Important Note: HODL Earth is a game. Treat it as 'just for fun' and you are unlikely to go wrong. HODL Earth plots are not an investment.  Players should not expect a HODL Earth plot to be worth anything or be a source of income. Please see full Terms & Conditions. "HODL Earth" is a registered trademark.


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