About Hodl Earth


HODL Earth is a game. Players buy plots of virtual Earth, and plot owners share fee income generated by the game.

Our aim is to make it easy to get started with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

How it works


Players can buy, HODL, colour and sell plots of virtual Earth.

Plots cost 0.0004 ETH (about USD 0.10).  Although you will also be given free plots with the HOD Earth emission programme.

All HODL Earth transactions have a 10% fee, and you will need to pay gas to the Ethereum blockchain.







What is a plot?

A plot is a digital representation of approximately 3m x 3m (10m2) section of land on virtual Earth1.  

Each plot is unique and can only be held by one player at any one time. Plots are sold on a first-come first-served basis. Plot ownership is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Owning plots enables you to win badges and score points. More points entitle you to win more plots every day with HODL Earth plot emission.  

1Plots are constructed using a latitude and longitude mapping - they are bigger near the equator, and smaller at the poles. Plots are approximately 10mnear the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.





What can I do with a plot?

Buy and trade: You can simply HODL your plot, or sell on to another player at a later date. 

Add colour: You can add colour to your plots. Create messages and images for other players to find. Your imagination is your only limitation. Please avoid offensive terms and images. See some of our favourite designs on our gallery page.

Win badges and competitions: buying plots can enable you to win badges and competitions. 

Get more plots: all activity increases your point score. More point gets your more plots everyday with HODL Earth plot emission.






How much does each plot cost?

Plots cost 0.0004 ETH (about USD 0.10). Although you will also be given plots for free with the emission programme.

Coming soon: Players can list their plots for sale or make an offer for plots which have already been sold. Players decide between themselves how much they would like to pay to buy (and sell) a plot.

Coming soon: we are making it easy to convert small amounts of ETH - if you don't yet have any cryptocurrency. Please create an account and we re happy to convert up to USD $250 into ETH (minimum transaction of $10). $250 goes a long way in HODL Earth!

The team, creators and advisors of HODL Earth may receive up a total of up to 0.001% of all plots as payment for services.






How do I purchase a plot?

To purchase a plot, go to hodl.earth/game. You will need a DApp browser, a digital wallet, and some ETH. See How to get started for details.





Important note

HODL Earth is a game. There is no guarantee that: (1) a plot is worth anything, or has any value; (2) there will be demand from other players to purchase your plot (and you do not have any right to sell your plot back or seek a refund); (3) there will be future sales of plots or in game purchases that generate transaction fees.

HODL Earth plots do not give you any rights over the actual real-world areas they represent - obviously!  Treat it as 'just for fun' and you are unlikely to go wrong.

HODL Earth plots are not an investment. If you are in any doubt, please speak to your financial adviser...who will confirm to you that buying a HODL Earth plot as an investment is a really silly idea.

Please see full Terms and Conditions.


Ethereum Contract ID: 0x8a8ec4cedf933dc983724c235fd4f4754ffbe6fc



The development of HODL Earth is driven by its community of users. Because it is a decentralised app (dApp), other games, features and functions can be created by any developer.





The Bit Bang

HODL Earth is created.

Players can purchase plots (Proof-of-stake).

HODL Earth as a platform: developers can build games on top of HODL Earth and share game income. Read more → 






Stone Age

Players can add colour to their plots.






Bronze Age

Players can name their plots.






Age of Industrialisation (coming soon)

Trade plots: buy or sell plots with other players.

First badges and levels are created.

Plot emission: you will automatically earn plots everyday based on your point score.






Age of Innovation

The future of HODL Earth will be determined by its community of users. Who knows what's next...  

What's the big idea?

We believe blockchain can be a positive force; but it can be difficult for non-technical newcomers to see how the technology works, and its benefits.


HODL Earth aims to serve as an easy, low-risk and fun starting point for people looking to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Players will set up a digital wallet, conduct a cryptocurrency transaction and store a digital asset - all in the first few minutes of playing the game.


By contextualising blockchain technology in an easy-to-understand format - the ownership of a digital representation of real-world land and property - HODL Earth helps illustrate the key aspects of blockchain technology to non-technical users, including:

Storing information using distributed ledgers

Creating a wallet

Transmission of value without a custodian intermediary

Borderless value transmission 

Unique claims to a unique asset

Blockchain processing speeds and costs

Decentralised distribution of economics arising from a common initiative 

Importance of security and storage

51% voting

Decentralised governance


We hope you have fun with HODL Earth, and we hope that it can be used as a tool to spread the positive message of blockchain technologies and their capabilities.