What is the maximum number of plots I can purchase in one transaction?

30 plots.



Why should I include a hashtag in the name of my plots?

Including a hashtag will help unlock badges and make it easier for other users to find your plots. E.g. #gallery



How do I progress to the next level?

To progress through the levels of HODL Earth your need to earn points, by winning badges, buying plots and playing in competitions.



What are the costs of purchasing plots?

The total cost comprises:

 - The Plot cost: 0.0004 ETH (approx USD 0.10). You will also get plots for free with the emission programme.

 - The Transaction fee: 10% of the Plot value

 - The Gas cost: the processing cost to store the transaction on the Ethereum network. Please see details below.



What is the emission programme, and how does it work? (Coming soon)

You will automatically get free plots everyday based on the total number of points you have earned in the game. The more points you have the more plots you receive automatically.

When you view the game you will see how many plots you have earned, and can buy new plots with these credits.



Why is the Gas cost so high?

The Gas cost is just an estimate of the maximum gas cost, and is base don the number of plots you are purchasing and the activity on the Ethereum blockchain.

The actual gas cost is likely to be lower. Unused gas - the difference between the maximum gas and the gas actually needed - will be returned to your wallet.



What is the Gas cost?

The gas cost is the amount of ETH payable per unit of gas. The total gas cost for the transaction is the amount per unit of gas (gas price) x the amount of gas used.



What Gas price should I choose?

You can increase the Gas Price in your shopping basket in Metamask. The default Gas Price on HODL Earth is typically 2-4. The recommended Gas price can vary significantly. Etherscan provides a helpful guide show the latest suggested Gas price level: https://etherscan.io/gasTracker.  



Why is there a limit to the number of plots I can purchase in one transaction?

The limit is imposed by the processing capacity of the Ethereum blockchain.



What is Gas?

Gas is the processing capacity of the Ethereum blockchain. Gas is used to encourage miners to process transactions to the Ethereum blockchain.



What is the Gas limit?

The maximum amount of gas that will be used in your transaction. The processing capacity is about 8 million (as at September 2018). You can get updated statistics at ethstats.net.



Why do plots have a green border after purchase?

The green border indicates that the plots are awaiting confirmation on the Ethereum blockchain.



How will I know when my purchase has been confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain?

You can view your transaction status using Etherscan, or similar software tools. Click on your Metamask icon, and then the latest transaction, and that should load a page on Etherscan with your transaction status, and estimated time to confirm the transaction (confirmation duration).



How can I speed up my purchase?

You can increase the Gas Price in your shopping basket before you confirm your transaction. Usually a gas price of 4 or 5 is sufficient, however the required Gas price can vary significantly. 

Etherscan provides a helpful guide show the latest suggested Gas price level: https://etherscan.io/gasTracker.   



What is a nonce, and why won't my later transactions go through?

The 'nonce' is the order of transactions requested from your wallet ID. This is the strict order in which transactions must be processed. A later transaction, even with a very high gas price, won't be processed until the earlier transaction (with a lower nonce number) is processed.