We love collaboration


HODL Earth is a decentralised application (DApp). We want to support and reward developers looking to build on HODL Earth - extending and expanding the scope of the game.  


Games built on top of HODL Earth can benefit from a share of fee income. We may also award grants or make investments in startups to help fund development of these games.


There are 32 trillion plots on HODL Earth to play with - what are you going to build today?

Development Road Map

As HODL Earth is a DApp, you control the game's development road map and experiences that players can enjoy.

Here are a few ideas under consideration. We may build these, but if you would like to participate and take on a project please feel free to do so!

(You don't need our permission...and we can't stop you!)

Dude, where's my lambo?

Find and buy plots with cars on HODL Earth. Build your virtual garage. Extra points for lambos (obviously!).

Train-spotting and Plane-spotting

Find and buy plots with trains and planes. Extra points for rare trains and planes, and for finding trains away from train stations and depots.


Enables users to donate transaction fees to charity - for example donation to Greenpeace for any plots purchased in the Pacific Ocean.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure is hidden in specific locations around the world. Players have to find and solve clues to determine where the treasure is hidden.

The first player to buy the plot where the treasure is hidden wins the prize.

Estate Agency

Create a shop window (UI and UX) for displaying purchased plots and enabling the resale (or rental) of these plots by other players. Earn commission for plots sold in this way.

Time Travel

Go back in time (or forwards) and create a layer on top of HODL Earth with additional features. 


Create an augmented reality overlay for the real world. Users can see who owns HODL Earth plots in real life.

Reward players for making real world visits to purchased HODL Earth locations.


Create a smart contract for users to play 'Go'. The final board is then rendered on the HODL Earth map, perhaps on top of a piece of land or village which the players have been competing over. 

The board is then visible forever.


Create a Foursquare integration, so that players can buy HODL Earth plots related to their checkins and favourite locations.